Redline Movie ตอนที่ 00[จบ]

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แฟนซับ/เครดิต :

ปีที่ฉาย : 2009

ประเภท : Action (ต่อสู้) Cars (รถ) Sci-Fi (ไซไฟล์) Sports (กีฬา)

In a universe full of aliens, only one racer can be the best. Only one can win the greatest race in the entire galaxy, the Redline. This year’s Redline will be especially dangerous, as it will take place on the planet Roboworld with its trigger-happy military and criminals who look to turn the race to their own advantage. JP is one of the only humans who qualified to enter the Redline. Made popular by his refusal to put any weapons on his vehicle unlike most racers, he relies only on speed and his own unparalleled driving skills. At this race, JP runs into Sonoshee McLaren, a beautiful woman and the only other human that qualified for Redline. Amidst the dizzying speed and action of Redline, he will have to decide if she is just a rival, or something more.

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